‘The earth laughs in flowers.’, says Ralph Waldo Emersen. This most beautiful creation of nature never fails to impress humans. They have been an integral part of our lives since times immemorial. Some recent studies have provided information that flowers of many trees can be used for many medicinal purposes. The ancient Ayurveda and Chinese medicine practitioners had realized this long back. Their old medicinal scriptures have mentioned their uses and methods of administration. CBD flowers are gaining popularity gradually in this respect.

What is CBD?

CBD i.e Cannabidiol is one of the many chemical compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant, commonly called as Cannabis or hemp. These active ingredients mostly reside in the flowers or leaves of this plant. The use of CBD flowers has mostly been done for recreational or ethnic purposes. On a spiritual level, the Indian Hindu god Shiva has been termed in Vedic texts to consume Cannabis.
Smoking CBD leaves or flowers propels one in a state of being ‘high’. Its overdose can also prove very fatal having side effects such as impaired speech, delirium, constipation etc. or even death. Hence, there is a lot of taboo surrounding the CBD flowers. For a very long time, it was looked upon as something nasty and bad.
But, with the advent of medicine and chemistry, people grew curious about this magical drug. They changed their perspective and looked at this plant with a different approach. They decided to look beyond the basic ill-effects of some cannabinoids and search for more.
Eventually, it came to the fore that CBD flowers, if used in regulated and limited amount can be a boon to the Medical industry.

Benefits of using CBD flowers

1.Anti-anxiety -
helps to calm mind. Also, reduces over-thinking and over-analysis. Thus, it helps to think clearly and have a cheerful state of mind.

2.Anti-depression -
it helps to prevent one from entering the cycle of negative thoughts again and again. It enables a state of happiness and optimism.

3.Anti-inflammatory -
it reduces the chances of inflammatory disorders in the body, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.

4.Reduces Pain -
it tones down pains such as muscular, joint pain etc.

5.Induces sleep -
is useful in treating insomnia as it induces sleep.
More studies and researches are going on in this regard to explore newer possibilities relating to CBD flowers.

Why is it difficult to source CBD flowers?

Due to its various ill-effects and addictive nature, Cannabis was banned from many countries. Its use, plantation and sale was termed illegal. Heavy fines and punishments were introduced for offenders. Hence, the demand dropped and so did the sale. Thus, it became difficult to source CBD flowers.

Why is CBD back in boom?

The educated class is now looking at the Cbd flowers as a stress-reliever. The working class wants a cost-effective, easy and healthy solution to combat the ever-increasing stress due to hectic working hours, high competition in the work field, racing towards better living standards, etc.
They are ready to think beyond the usual and accept the new. Thus, it has been seen that using CBD flowers in optimum amount and correct way can help in reducing stress. Also, the side effects are comparatively to synthetic drugs as CBD is of vegetative origin. It assimilates easily and faster, without much effort or damage.

How to use CBD?

CBD flowers, buds and leaves can be smoked or also eaten. But, smoking them guarantees a faster result. Also, CBD in oil form can also be used for joint pains, etc. passively the infusion of CBd buds and its vapours also help to get the good effects.


Cannabis was thought of as a mere addictive drug. But, the ever inquisitive human nature is always curious for ‘more’. This led to a path breaking discovery regarding the Medicinal benefits of CBD flowers. It is in the process of gradual acceptance and the future looks upon it as an asset. We here promote the use of CBD buds and flowers only for its medicinal purposes and nothing else. We ensure the best quality CBD flowers and buds at Swissclub. Visit the website for more options, discounts and offers.

By Swiss CBD Buds


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