Something that was previously considered to be a harmful drug is now recognized as a treatment for many ailments. Yes, CBD buds are what we're talking about.
Cannabidiol has several amazing qualities, which are driving researchers to continue learning more about it and finding new applications for it. As a result, we continue to learn about CBD's gift to the health industry.
CBD flowers were traditionally smoked, but today you can consume CBD in some pretty interesting ways. There’s wide variety of CBD products available, ranging from creams and bath bombs to edibles, oils, and cartridges.
If you're wondering where to acquire high-quality CBD flowers from? Don't worry; we have a simple solution for you: Swiss CBD. We are a reputable legal CBD distributor that acquires some of the finest CBD flowers available. Check out our review on CBD flowers for a brief introduction on what we're talking about.

CBD Buds By Swiss CBS - What’s Available?

Swiss CBD carefully picks the right CBD strains with the perfect levels of cannabidiol. Let's take a deeper look at each of these since they are all unique and have subtle variations in flavor:

White widow – 20% CBD

If you're seeking a calming yet energizing experience, White Widow is ideal for you. The greatest qualities of both cbd - rich are expressed in the 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid known as White Widow. This fantastic strain encourages creativity and communicative vibes making it perfect for an artist. While it is a common misconception that CBD impairs your cognitable abilities, White Widow gives you a definitive answer.

Havana – 22% CBD

Havana CBD strain is known to be slightly more potent than your average CBD bud. This results in a boost in positivity and mood. The bud allows you to let go of any lingering stress or physical discomforts and induces a deeply calming experience.

Harlequin – 18% CBD

This strain has a woody, earthy aroma with a tinge of vanilla. The Harlequin CBD Flower gives a calm and soothing experience. It tastes slightly earthy and has a gentle, sweet vanilla aftertaste, much like its fragrance.

Gorilla Glue – 16% CBD

Gorilla Glue creates extreme bliss and relaxation that will keep you "glued" to the seat. As soon as you open the packet, the strain's strong earthy aroma will fill the room. It is commonly used to treat sleep disorders as well as to induce appetite in people who lack it. In addition, it is well known to cause dry mouth.

Cherry Wine – 16% CBD

The calming characteristics of this strain set it apart. It energizes your body while also encouraging emotional relaxation. Cherry Wine has a scent that is extremely similar to that of tobacco. The strain expertly combines cheese and pepper flavors with cherry undertones. Customers claim that Cherry Wine relieves stress, anxiety, and discomfort.

Cookies – 1.20% CBD

Cookies, short for Girl Scout Cookies, is an Indica-dominant hybrid produced by fusing OG Kush and Durban Poison. The strain is well renowned for its full-body relaxation and euphoric effects. You only need a tiny puff of the flower to feel content, satisfied, and relieved of whatever tension you may be dealing with. Since Cookies exhibit a large decline in CBD levels compared to the other strains offered by Exhale Wellness, the euphoric qualities are particularly expressive.
This strain is frequently used for its medicinal purposes. This is due to its ability to provide relief from problems like chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss. This strain usually stands out for having a strong, cookie-like scent and flavor with undertones of mint, cherry sweetness, and lemon.


Smoking CBD buds and flowers are the quickest and most effective way of consuming CBD. Though there are many alternative methods of consumption, nothing quite beats consuming CBD in the most natural way possible. Visit our online store at SwissCBDbuds to buy the best CBD flowers and CBD buds in the UK.

By Swiss CBD Buds


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