CBD Bud and High CBD Strains

CBD buds not only look like weed but also smell like weed. Rest assured, there isn't much else similar between the two, as CBD buds will not give you a high.
So why do people still smoke it, you ask?
The increasing popularity of CBD buds is due to their calming and relaxing properties. The compound, which is naturally extracted from the hemp plant does not interfere with any of your cognitive abilities and is considered safe and legal in the UK. As for the smoking part, it is the quickest method of introducing CBD into your bloodstream.
Read this blog to find out more about CBD buds and some of our Swiss CBD in-house favourites

Are CBD Buds Legal in the UK?

CBD is considered legal here in the UK, as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC. This regulation has let the industry grow at a fairly rapid rate. It is now possible to purchase CBD at your local pharmacies and hemp stores.
Although CBD oil is widely available throughout the UK, CBD flowers are still considered grey area products, so they are often labelled as incense, tea flowers, or souvenirs.

CBD Buds vs. CBD Oils: What’s The Difference?

CBD Oil:

CBD is derived naturally from the hemp plant. The THC along with any other unwanted cannabinoids are removed during this extraction process. The result is pure CBD oil. There is often a direct correlation between the effect of oil and the way it's extracted.
The pure CBD extract is then diluted with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or MCT. This allows you to regulate your CBD oil consumption.

CBD Buds:

High CBD bud strains contain a trace amount of THC, unlike CBD oils. This method of CBD consumption is widely recognized for its therapeutic and non-psychoactive effects.
CBD flowers are known for their quick application, as smoking gives CBD the fastest entry into the bloodstream. These flowers contain numerous cannabinoids, most of which are removed during the CBD oil extraction process. It isn't certain how these cannabinoids work individually, but together these compounds synergize to create CBD's therapeutic effects.

How Do You Use CBD Buds?

In addition to its use as incense or a souvenir for your aunt, CBD buds are generally smoked or vaped. The process involves heating the buds (in order to activate the various cannabinoids) and inhaling the vapour/smoke. The smoke itself is non toxic and harmless to the user.
An estimated 1.4 million UK patients that use THC-rich cannabis prefer combining it with CBD flower inorder to minimise the undesirable effects of weed and maximise the relaxation.

How Do CBD Buds Feel?

Smoking or vaping CBD flowers is different for each strain since there are several types. Each strain produces a relaxing effect regardless of the strain you smoke. CBD has the ability to soothe and relax one at a psychological level without altering their cognitive abilities.
In addition to being soothing physically, regular users report their minds remain unperturbed thus allowing them to focus on whatever task is at hand.
Starting from a low dosage is recommended, as you do not want to have any adverse effects. There is no one size fits all dosage because each individual's diet and metabolism are different. In addition, you might want to try a variety of strains before deciding which one works best for you.

Our Favourite CBD Buds in the UK (2022)

Now that you know more about CBD buds, how to use them, and what they feel like… here are some of our Swiss CBD in-house favourite CBD Buds!

1. OG Kush CBD 11%

The most popular and sought-after among the Kush strains, OG kush will have you exploding to life, even on treacherous monday mornings. With terpenes packed with aroma, you can tickle you palatte with linalool, lavender, and earthy tones. OG Kush CBD Buds are a classic, and a favourite among all levels of CBD users. They comes with 110mg of CBD, making them the perfect starting point for most beginners.

2. Super Sour Diesel 14.5%

This CBD bud is well known and loved all around the world. A combination of the Super Silver Haze and Sour Diseal strains, Super Sour Diesel is unbeatable when it comes to aroma and flavour. It has a citrussy scent, with note of pepper and a pungent fuel-like fragrance. Hence the “Diesel” in the name. This CBD strain has 145mg of CBD goodness and is extremely cost-effective due to it’s deliciously thick buds.

3. Gelato 41 CBD Flower 13%

The Gelato 41 CBD bud is ridiculous when it comes to flavour. And we mean that in the best way possible. With creamy sweet strawberries and raspberry terpenes, this CBD bud will have you longing for more. Not to mention, it has 130mg of high-end, organic CBD.

4. Adriatic Haze CBD Flower 17%

The Adriatic Haze CBD bud made it to our top-5 list due to it’s decadent flavours and 170mg of CBD goodness. This CBD bud will truly leave your tastebuds in a haze with a delicious blend of spice, notes of citrus, and sweet earthyness. This hybrid strain is extremely enjoyable and perfect for anyone, even if you’re new to CBD.

5. Gorilla Glue CBD Flower 20%

The OG strain of this one was given it’s unusual name due to it’s couch-sticking effect. The THC version of Gorilla Glue was known to leave people stuck in their seats. This isn’t the case with the CBD bud strain, however. The Gorilla Glue CBD buds contain 20% CBD and very trace amounts of THC. This means you don’t get stuck on your couch, you just mellow out and feel more uplifted. This strain has a mouth-watering flavour to it, amazing aromas, and a perfect amount of CBD to calm your nerves.


We hope this blog helped you understand more about CBD buds so you can ignore any stigma surrounding it. Now that you know our in-house favourites, why not head over to our online shop and make your first purchase? You won’t be disappointed!

By Swiss CBD Buds


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